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As a trusted Green Roof Supplier across the West Midlands and the UK, here's our handy guide to Green Roofs and how they could improve both businesses and domestic homes.

What is a Green Roof?

A green roof replaces traditional roofing with a lightweight, living system of substrate and plants. It creates a thin, green skin atop a building that provides a little of nature on top of the concrete jungle.

A Green Roof turns neglected roof space into a beautiful and environmentally friendly area. If you’re looking to turn your dark roof into a peaceful retreat for people and animals or reduce your energy bills, a Green Roof will be the perfect solution for you. On a wider scale, Green Roofs not only improve air quality and helps reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, but they also provide support, protect your roof from the elements and provide irrigation while staying as light as possible making them the perfect solution for both homeowners and businesses.

What makes our Urbanscape Green Roofs better than current traditional green roof systems?

  • Superior storm-water management
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient and fast installation
  • Complete solution

Our Urbanscape Green Roofs can manage up to 3 times more Storm Water than our competitor’s solutions. We offer excellent thermal performance, with a 100% saving on energy costs during the summer months. Our Urbanscape solutions are also super lightweight. Soil for a traditional 50m2 Green Roof can weight 5 tonnes, whereas the Urbanscape substrate for the same roof is only 250 kg. Even when fully filled with water, our Urbanscape roof will still weigh 3-4 times less than a traditional green roof. Urbanscape has solutions for any roof in any climate and is twice as fast as traditional green roofs to install.

The design of buildings has evolved but the function of buildings has remained constant:

The environmental impact of buildings and green roof solutions are becoming increasingly important.

With the development of a wider view of sustainability, it is critical to remember that from a building lifecycle perspective the environmental impact of any building comes from its energy consumption during the time it is used, the use of renewable energy and the use of sustainable materials.

Green roofs go beyond the meaning of contemporary architecture and give a new value to the role of buildings within urban planning. They are designed not only to bring back the natural element in the urban environment but also to provide solutions for important issues such as stormwater management.

Green Roof Benefits for Home Owners:

Sound Insulation – Urbanscape provides excellent sound insulation, helping to keep your living space quieter and more comfortable to live in.

Natural Look – The natural character of green roofs provides relief from the concrete construction in urban areas.

Comfortable feeling – Due to green roofs cooling effect there will be less heat radiation from the ceiling and air-conditioning will be minimised.

Increased property value – Due to multiple benefits, green roofs substantially enhance residential and commercial property values.

Extended roof life – As there is direct protection of the roof and waterproofing membrane against heat and sun radiation as well as against extreme colds, the roof will much longer life.

Other benefits to consider:

Extended roof life – Green roofs protect the base of the roof from mechanical damage, UV radiation, extreme temperatures. Roof lifetime can increase dramatically (up to 50%).

CO² reduction – 1m² of a green roof can absorb 5 kg of CO² yearly. Due to reduced energy consumption, there is a further impact on carbon dioxide reduction by 3.2kg yearly. As a perspective, 1m² of a green roof can absorb the same quantity of CO² as a regular car would emit during an 80 km drive.

Air Cleaning – Plants on green roofs capture airborne particles such as smog, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.

Our Green Roof Solutions

Green Roof System

Urbanscape is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for green roofs on residential, non-residential and industrial buildings in urban areas.

Green Roof Modular System

Urbanscape Modular Green Roof is a complete system, which consists of Urbanscape Root Membrane and Urbanscape Module with 3 layers: drainage, a substrate, a unique patented rock mineral wool substrate and vegetation.

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