Urbanscape Drainage System Buffer

Urbanscape Drainage System Buffer is a double sided drainage and reservoir board made from recycled high-impact recycled polystyrene with excellent load bearing capacity specically designed for green roofs and is lighter and more compact when compared to regular drainage layers. The panels are perforated on one side to allow high levels of water retention. This ensures the buering of water in dry periods and rapid drainage of water in wet periods.



Urbanscape Drainage System Buffer Key Benefits

  • 8 x lighter. Urbanscape Green Roll being a core of the Urbanscape Green Roof System is lighter compared to the traditional soil substrate and can be used on almost any building structure without compromising the structural stability. On average Urbanscape Green Roll is 8-10 times lighter and can hold up to 3-4 times more water per its volume than other green roof substrates.

  • 10x better water retention. Urbanscape Green Roll provides for fast and long-term stable water re-absorption and water retention performance. Depending on climate zones, different types of Urbanscape Green Roll are used.

  • Efficient installation (2-5 tonnes vs 100 tonnes). Urbanscape Green Roll ensures significantly lower labour intensity. For su.cient water absorption capacity and appropriate growing base for vegetation of 1000 m. of green roof, 2-5 tonnes of Urbanscape Green Roll Substrate are needed compared to above 100 tonnes of traditional green roof substrates.

Technical Properties






25 mm


1.1 m


2.02 m

Rain water retention capacity

11.8 l/m2


400 units/pallet


250 m2/unit


555 m2/pallet

Pallet Size (LxWxH)

2.02 x 1.1 x 1.2m


1.36 kg/m2

Pallet Weight


Water flow capacity

2% roof slope: 0.57 l/m*s

EN-ISO 12958

3% roof slope: 0.71 l/m*s
2% roof slope: 0.91 l/m*s

Compressive strength

2.02 m EN-ISO 25619-2

Reaction to fire

2.02 m EN 13501-5